Malvina’s Joyful Reunion

At 95, Malvina is a source of inspiration for everyone lucky enough to know her. A resident of Chartwell Manoir et Cours de l'Atrium, in Quebec City, she exemplifies perseverance, love for family, and commitment to her community. Despite some health challenges, she is overflowing with joy for life!

But behind her active lifestyle and radiant smile, Malvina is a person who has resiliently overcome many challenges. She experienced the loss of two children, taken too early by illness. Another difficulty that weighs on her heart is her daughter Lise’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Lise lives in a care centre in Varennes, Quebec, and the last time Malvina was able to see her was five years ago.

Determined to keep her loved ones together despite the distance that separates them, Malvina’s dream was to reunite with her family, which had scattered over the years. The Chartwell Foundation organized a reunion in Varennes on her daughter Lise’s birthday to help strengthen the bonds of this loving family. They marked the occasion with cake, singing, celebrating, and a family walk for a day filled with emotions.

“What we experienced today, I think it can change states of mind, but also just bring happiness. Just bring, as Chartwell often says, ‘wow’ moments. They’ve got everything planned out to make sure these moments can happen, and I think that the reunion today is one of those ‘wow’ family moments.” – Carole Bélanger, daughter of Malvina Turgeon

Malvina and her daughter Lise reunite after 5 years / Malvina et sa fille Lise se retrouvent après 5 ans d'absence
Malvina is taking a walk together with her family / Malvina se promène avec sa famille
Malivina holds her daughter, Lise's hand / Malivina tient la main de sa fille Lise