Lise’s Ballet Debut

Lise Paré, a resident of Chartwell Trait-Carré, has dreamed of attending Les Grands Ballets Canadiens since she was very young. During her youth, she spent most of her time in dance classes, learning such varied styles as ballet, flamenco, and Scottish dance.

Lise’s wish to see the dancers of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens live on stage symbolizes a profound reconnection to her first love. Despite facing a bone disease that held back her dancing aspirations, she kept her passion for ballet alive.

“It’s a dream that I’ve nourished for several years. Practicing ballet was for me a very interesting, cultural, enjoyable, and enriching activity,” Lise shares.

Lise worked for a school board as an executive secretary, but she was dedicated to much more than her career. She cared for five children with Down syndrome in addition to her own two daughters. She also served on the boards of directors of a women’s solidarity organization and a Charlesbourg aid organization for socially isolated low-income women.

The Chartwell Foundation fulfilled Lise’s dream, granting her the opportunity to see Les Grands Ballets Canadiens in a magnificent production of Cinderella at Place des Arts in Montreal. She was accompanied by her daughters who were pleased to share this experience with their mom. “Without you, we wouldn’t be here after all. It’s a beautiful gift and a beautiful work of art... Thank you very much,” says Lise’s daughter Chantal.

Lise was all smiles as she reveled in what is sure to become a cherished memory. “I’d like to say thank you, a huge thank you, a thousand thanks to The Chartwell Foundation. I’m not 75 years old tonight. I’m 15 years old.”

Lise stands in front of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens' poster with her daughters