Raymond’s Bagpipe Symphony

Raymond Montpetit, a resident of Chartwell Villa Rive-Sud, embodies resilience and dedication, especially towards youth. His love for children led him to various roles in child development, such as summer camp director, aide for students with disabilities, volunteer with the Scouts, in a school library, and as a Sunday school teacher.

In 2017, Raymond’s life took an unexpected turn when he lost his sight in a car accident. Despite the physical and emotional hurdles that followed, Raymond held onto his significant dream— to attend a bagpipe concert. This instrument's soulful melodies have become a source of comfort in the aftermath of his accident.

“I listen to music a lot and that used to put me in my own bubble. Then, during this time, I forget a little about my condition” says Raymond. “Even if I can’t see, I’m able to make a video in my head.”

Recognizing Raymond’s growing passion for music, his wife Louise sought to make his wish a reality. She wanted to show him that even though he has lost his sight, he can still have spectacular experiences.

With the support of The Chartwell Foundation, Louise and Raymond listened to the soul-stirring sound of bagpipes played by the Black Watch, the oldest Highland regiment in Canada. This captivating experience took place during a special ceremony at the regiment’s beautiful armoury in Montreal, leaving Raymond with a deeply heartfelt moment that painted a smile on his face.

“Everyone has within themselves the possibility of making a wish come true,” Raymond shares, capturing the essence of his inspiring journey.

Raymond and his wife Louise are going to the concert by Black Watch.
Raymond is posing in front of a display case that is showing the costume of Highland regiment