Jack fishes for an old passion

Jack, 91, a resident at Chartwell Crescent Gardens, is an Allied Army veteran from the Netherlands. Jack is a man of many hobbies and interests – fishing being one of them.

Jack immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands with his wife in 1957. During his time in the Allied Army, Jack crossed paths with many Canadians. He vividly remembers the time he climbed on top of a Canadian tank and got a chocolate bar and a stick of gum from a Canadian soldier. In fact, when the Dutch government at the time encouraged emigration after the war, Jack and his wife decided to come to Canada as they were liberated by Canadians.

After leaving the Army, Jack worked a variety of jobs. He went back to school at the age of 34 and went on to work in the engineering field before retiring 25 years later. He was always into sports, specifically soccer and gymnastics. Even after retirement, Jack finds different ways to stay active. He loves to bike and occasionally finds time to go on a hike along the coastal trails.

Jack was a resident at Chartwell Imperial Place for over 3 years before moving to Chartwell Crescent Gardens in early 2023 with his wife. He used to volunteer in the senior’s community and remains involved in his community to this day. He helps set up projects, organize charity events, and even loved to help the Maintenance Manager with he was a resident at Imperial Place. Jack also likes to work with computers and tries his best to keep up with all the latest technologies.

Jack hasn’t been fishing in a while and was hoping to find his way back into this hobby. “I have the gear and am still physically able to go and haul in the big one!”, Jack said. On August 15, The Chartwell Foundation was delighted to send Jack on a thrill of a lifetime to go salmon fishing at Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver!

When asked about his motivations behind submitting a wish, Jack said “I just want to set an example for seniors who are looking to do the same.”

Jack is holding a salmon on the boat / Jack tient un saumon sur le bateau
Jack is posing with a big salmon / Jack pose avec un gros saumon
Jack is posing on a deck with the salmon he caught during the trip /Jack pose sur le pont avec le saumon qu'il a attrapé pendant le voyage.