Joseph Scores a Touchdown

Whether it's hockey, baseball or football, Toronto sports teams have a loyal following from people of all ages and backgrounds. For Joseph, 91, resident at Chartwell Avondale in Toronto, the Argonauts have always held a special place in his heart. 

Joseph has been an avid sports fan his entire life but grew especially passionate about football and the Argos in his teenage years. A shy and kind-hearted man, his eyes light up every time he talks about the team and his favourite player-turned-coach, Michael O’Shea. “You can see the passion and excitement in his eyes when he talks about football,” said Adriana, Lifestyle Program Manager (LPM) at Chartwell Avondale. He loves devouring news about the team and chatting about the game with Personal Support Worker (PSW) Tim, who he shares a special bond with.  

Joseph couldn’t recall the last time he attended a game in person, and with declining mobility and health issues, he never thought he would see his beloved Argos in-person again. Thanks to the Chartwell Foundation, his dream became a reality.  

On August 26, Joseph watched the Argonauts play live against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at BMO Field in Toronto accompanied by his granddaughter and PSW Tim. “It was a dream come true,” he said of the experience watching the team defend their home turf once again! 

Joseph Coughlin Watching the Toronto Argonauts