Christa Scales the Mountains Again

Nostalgia is usually triggered by an object, place, or experience that one holds near and dear to their heart. For Christa, 95, resident at Chartwell Eau Claire in Calgary, the mountains are her nostalgic place.

Born in the Czech Republic, Christa moved to Germany in 1945 due to the war. She eventually made her way to Montreal in 1953 and settled in Calgary in 1977 in search of a fresh start. Christa usually spends a lot of time to herself but likes trivia and to work on her brain. She has always loved the scenic views of the mountains and has relished in the beauty of nature and the outdoors. “I love the mountains! When I was younger, I belonged to a hiking group and loved it,” said Christa.

Christa’s wish was to take a train ride across the Rockies, but she wasn’t sure if she could go alone. Now using a walker to stabilize herself, she never thought she’d be able to see those wonderous views again. “Nature at its best is uplifting and the last genuine reality. Space is needed by our minds to be uplifted,” said Christa.

On September 21, Christa experienced a breathtaking gondola ride up the mountains in Banff, something she never thought possible. Christa says, “I want to show that you can still fulfill a lifelong dream. Still be able to dream of things and make them come true.”

Christa is posing on the Banff mountain top with her walker.
Christa enjoys her gondola ride up to the mountains in Banff.