The Tudoroff’s Travel Back in Time

Imagine if you and your partner could travel back in time to the place where you first fell in love. For Eileen and Alex, both 89 years-old from Hamilton, Ontario, it's on the bleachers of the football stadium watching the Tiger-Cats game more than six decades ago.

Both Eileen and Alex have shown great dedication to others and are stellar members of their community. For Eileen, giving back to others came in the form of volunteering at the local pediatric hospital in the cancer department. Alex, a former broadcaster and talented storyteller, often volunteered at galas and local events for causes that were important to him. Soon after meeting one another, Eileen invited Alex to see the Hamilton Tiger-Cats play and their love blossomed. One of their favourite memories was in 1969, when Eileen took part in the Tiger-Cats parade. Eileen remembers the streets filled with fans that had been supporting the team for years.

In 2014, Hamilton built a new outdoor stadium, which was harder for Alex and Eileen to access due to physical ailments. On the day they went to a game at the new stadium, the inclement weather made it difficult for them to get around and they realized that an activity and passion they held so dear was slipping away from them. In this time of change, they let go of their season tickets that Eileen had owned since the age of 16. The day was challenging, as it represented a shift in their lives, and they have felt that void ever since. When asked if they had a wish of a lifetime, their hope was to attend a Tiger-Cats game one last time.

On October 7, Eileen and Alex, accompanied by their son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, celebrated their love while watching their beloved Tiger-Cats in person at Tim Hortons field. The team continues to remind them of how their relationship began and all they have enjoyed together since. “I can’t thank The Chartwell Foundation enough,” says Alex.