Madeleine doesn’t throw in the towel

For Madeleine Therrien, resident of Chartwell Les Écores in Laval, Quebec, there is no one quite like boxer Lucian Bute. The cheerful 84-year-old woman has boundless admiration for the former world boxing champion—with good reason! She sees in the athlete an upright and respectful person who gives back to both younger and older generations.

Madeleine will always remember the first time she saw Lucian Bute on television. From the moment that fight was aired, she started following his career diligently and dreamed of meeting him in person.

Madeleine has worked hard all her life to provide the best for her children despite going through hard times. Boxing has always been her special way of giving herself a moment to have fun and relax. She collects photos of Lucian Bute and proudly displays them in her apartment, including one that is autographed. This photo had always been her most precious keepsake of the boxer. She was thrilled to learn that The Chartwell Foundation would make her long-held dream of meeting her idol in person come true.

When Madeleine saw the athlete walk through the doors of the dining room of her residence, she couldn't contain her excitement and walked right up to him to give him a hug. In a room decorated with balloons, cupcakes, and autographed boxing gloves, they were able to take a moment to get to know each other and discuss their interests.

“There's only one like my Lucian! I'm so happy that my dream has come true,” she said, proudly showing off her new pair of autographed boxing gloves.

Madeleine shakes her hand with Lucian Bute
Madeleine hugs Lucian Bute
Madeleine and Lucian Bute meets