Shirley enters the diamond once again!

Shirley, 84, a resident at Chartwell Allandale Station, has been a die-hard fan of the Toronto Blue Jays for over 30 years. Her love for the Blue Jays goes so far that she managed to convert her friend at the residence to be a fan! “I love my boys in blue!” Shirley says.

Shirley has been a resident at Allandale Station for nearly 3 years and loves having people around her. She spends her time playing shuffleboard, cards, sports, and other activities at the residence. Shirley also enjoys brainteasers, music events, and tries her best to eat healthy. “We need to keep sharp,” she says. Life has been very lonely for Shirley the last few years and watching sports is what keeps her going. Shirley and her family have always been into sports and is what brought them together, she even has 2 great granddaughters who play for the Barrie Sharks hockey team.

She started her career as a cashier at an A&P but after the store closed, she went to college and worked as a PSW at IOOF Seniors Homes. Even after retiring, Shirley would volunteer once a week helping seniors. She doesn’t ask for much and has always been more of a helper to others. “I try to inspire seniors to keep moving and enjoy life. It’s not always easy but we need one another,” she says.

Shirley hasn’t been able to watch a game in-person for over 30 years and would love nothing more than to spend a day with her friend and show her what the Blue Jays are all about. “Watching her smile makes me smile,” she says. The Chartwell Foundation was delighted to send Shirley, her son Brian, and 7 other family and friends to watch the Blue Jays take on the Baltimore Orioles at the Rogers Centre!

When asked why she submitted this wish and how it would inspire others, Shirley said, “It’s never too late to do something. I have recently heard the term YOLO, and I like it. I want to YOLO before it’s too late”.

“I think The Chartwell Foundation is wonderful. Thank you again.”

Shirley and her family and friends are cheering for Blue Jays in their Blue Jays uniform / Shirley, sa famille et ses amis encouragent les Blue Jays dans leur uniforme.
Shirley, holds a flower bouquet and a ball with Blue Jays mark, is smiling. / Shirley, qui tient un bouquet de fleurs et un ballon portant la marque des Blue Jays, sourit.
Shirley and her family and friends posing in front of the limousine for a trip to the Blue Jays game. / Shirley et ses amis posent devant la limousine pour se rendre au match des Blue Jays.