Dorothy takes a trip down memory lane

Dorothy, 96, a resident at Chartwell Chatsworth, is someone with a storied and decorated past from Alberta. Born in Banff, Dorothy eventually moved to Canmore to be a nurse at the local hospital.

Dorothy ended up living in Canmore for over 35 years and during that time, was a tremendous contributor to the community. Dorothy ran the Bow River Senior Citizens Lodge and was the matron of the original Canmore hospital. She has also volunteered with the girl guides, baby clinics, school board, and spent three terms on the town council. She played such an important role in the community that she won the Canmore Woman of the Year award in 1986!

She continues to lead with care since moving to Chartwell Chatsworth. Dorothy is always lending a helping hand whether its cleaning and trimming flowers around the home, pouring tea and coffee, or helping someone with their wheelchair. She even helps the staff with fundraising efforts for the food bank, women’s shelters, and gospel missions.

It has been over 10 years since Dorothy last visited Canmore. She has always wanted to go back to see the mountains and enjoy the great outdoors once again. She would love nothing more than to see how much the town has grown and to visit old spots that she used to frequent.

The Chartwell Foundation was thrilled to fly her back to Canmore on May 15th, where she got the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, as well as meet with local dignitaries, including the town’s mayor.

Dorothy in front of Lawrance grassi middle school abnner
Dorothy is strolling around Canmore
Dorothy meeting people at Canmore